Not All Software Is The Same

cartoon picture of milk, butter, and a box of software

I once overheard an executive of a company say that software is a commodity. He said that it doesn’t matter who you hire to write your software so you should hire the cheapest developers you can get.
Hoooo boy, is that ever not true.
The difference between a good software developer and a not-so-great one can mean the difference between success an failure of your product.
Good software developers also choose languages, frameworks, and other tools that allow them to move fast.
Good software is written in such a way that’s easy to change so that you can quickly change in response to user feedback.
The faster you can build your product, the faster you can get it in the hands of customers and learn from them. The easier software is to change, the easier it will be to respond to what you’ve learned from customers with a new version of your product.
In short, a good software developer can get you to product-market fit, and profitability, more quickly.

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